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Developed for strength and dependability, the clean-running Mitsubishi 4 to 5.5 tons range is as rugged as it is refined.

It shares all the power, reliability and productivity for which Mitsubishi trucks have set the defining standard.

Integrated Presence System Pus (IPS+) prevents potential accidents

To avoid the risk of accidents, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ unique vehicle Integrated Presence System “IPS2” has been incorporated into all FD/FG40N-55N series models. The system automatically disengages and locks forklift operation when operator leaves the seat. Such a system helps to ensure safety and prevent accidents to operators, colleagues and customers alike at the workplace.

S6S engine that passed Emission Gas Standard

The Mitsubishi S6S high performance engine, NOx, PM, HC emission can be controlled to comply with new environmental standards without adding common rail technology and other options. While low on emissions, S6S engines are designed to be trouble free with only simple maintenance. The result: a powerful, clean operating engine with a long life span.

Effective cooling system

All N-Generation forklift trucks are fitted with a large, heavy-duty radiator core. The radiator’s low noise cooling fan along with optimum placement of the muffler make for a highly effective cooling system. Effective cooling translates into longer engine life and less downtime due to overheating.

Easy operation
Operator comfort
Tough Base with low center of gravity
Better visibilities
Improved brake design
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