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Mast and Attachments

Forklift Parts and Services


Offers world-class clamp for whatever product you transport - from bale clamps to drum clamps, razorback clamps and beyond. Combined with safety, performance, and durability from raw materials to finished product. Side shifting models have the additional ability to laterally position the arms or the entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement.

mast clamp - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Fork Bar Rotator

Fork bar rotators add the versatility of powerful 360° rotation to your standard lift truck. Fork bar rotators are widely used in agriculture, recycling, manufacturing and general industry. Operators can invert bins and specialized containers in addition to handling standard lift truck loads.

mast rotator - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Fork Bar Positioners

Fork positioning allows drivers to move the forks hydraulically without leaving the seat. Side shifting models have the additional ability to laterally position the arms or the entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement.

mast positioner - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Forward Bin Dumper

Forward bin dumpers multiply productivity in agricultural and industrial applications. They lift, grip, and spin bins through a 135 degree arc to empty contents with single-lever actuation. These dumpers are also designed to increase visibility, net truck capacity, and ease of service.

forward bin dumper - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Load Stabilizers

It offers both hold-downs and vertical load stabilizers to help the wobbliest loads get where they're going. The hold-downs allow you to safely and efficiently handle virtually any stackable products without the need for pallets, and vertical load stabilizers are ideal when transporting unstable loads such as soft drinks, malted beverages, bottled water, and empty containers. Load stabilizers secure pallet loads, allowing drivers to operate faster and more efficiently. They are especially valuable outdoors and in facilities with irregular floors.

load stabilizer - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Multiple-Load Handlers

It double-block handlers offer two-carriage productivity to your block or brick handling applications. Double-block handlers allow your driver to efficiently transport double the cube loads without the need for pallets. Drivers can position two carriages to effectively lift, transport, separate or unite double cube loads efficiently and without pallets.

Single/dual pallet handlers can lift one pallet alone or hydraulically extend the outer forks to engage two pallets side by side. The pallet handler can retract for a slimmer width enhancing truck manoeuvrability when carrying single pallets.

multiple mast - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Push Pulls

Push pulls are the perfect solution for operations that must handle both slip-sheet and mixed format applications. With numerous patents pending and several design advantages, push pulls help increase durability, improve visibility, and dramatically lower operating costs.

Side Shifter

Side Shifters are recommended for nearly all lift truck operations. Side shifters allow drivers to laterally position the attachment arms or an entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement. The added versatility eliminates excessive manoeuvring and increases driver efficiency. Its superior shift power, cylinder protection, and frame strength makes it powerful and durable in the toughest applications.

sideshifter mast - K-lift Industrial Corporation

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