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Thanks to the application of new technologies, Mitsubishi Grendia is not only easier to operate but friendly to the environment as well.

The new Mitsubishi Grendia's engine is very fuel-efficient and has ultra low emissions. In addition to its newly designed engine, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has increased rider comfort and enhanced safety.

Integrated Presence System (IPS) improve vehicle safety

Grendia is lifted with Mitsubishi's IPS, an integrated active safety system designed to improve vehicle safety by actively detecting problems before the become accidents. It is prevents errors when the operator is note seated, protecting both the operator and the workplace from potential accidents.

counterbalanced truck - K-lift Industrial Corporation

Powerful lifting speed up to 640mm/s when loaded

Mitsubishi Grendias are constructed with a low center of gravity frame that optimised vehicle balance and stability during lifting. That means a greater load capacity with much greater stability. The high-torque, high-power engine maintains a stable lift speed regardless of the load, helping operators to increase productivity.

Smooth running
Compact running

The high power engine and the high performance transmission are perfectly matched to produce an extremely smooth start/acceleration as well as excellent traction even on uphill slopes. Excellent braking and stopping control is provided by a robust and reliable due-servo system.

Emission standards compliant for S4S engine
Eco-friendly vehicle
Easy operation
Operator comfort
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